Find out about some of QAHH’s amazing residents, and how our care and support is helping them.

*Please note some names of residents have been changed for privacy.

Case Study

Nathan's story

Nathan has overcome many challenges, such as learning to walk again independently, managing regular and debilitating fits which have now become less frequent, and re-learning old skills such as photography and painting.

Nathan’s story

Case Study


Terence came to QAHH in June 2016 as he could no longer take care of himself at home.

Terence’s story

Case Study

Meet Will our youngest resident who is suffering with an Acquired Brain Injury. At 23, Will came to us in March 2009 and whilst this wasn’t an easy transition for him, he has settled into life here at QAHH and made good progress thanks to the dedication of the staff at the Hospital Home.

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Case Study

Diana came to QAHH in November 2014 as her Parkinson’s meant that she needed full time care.

Diana’s story

Case Study

Following a stroke, Michael came to live at QAHH in 2014. When he arrived, Michael was suffering pain due to hypersensitivity in his legs, he would tire easily meaning he slept a lot during the day, and he was also being fed by a tube.

Michael’s story

Case Study

Communication, Empowerment and Independance

Carl, lived with us for over 25 years so as our longest permanent resident, he knew more than most how the care and support of staff at QAHH can give residents a quality of life they wouldn’t otherwise have.

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Case Study

Scott McClements: Case Study

Scott learned to walk again after a terrible attack left him with little to look forward to. Through intensive physiotherapy, Scott regained his independence.

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Case Study
Social and Recreation

Social and Recreation at QAHH

98-year-old Rene arrived at QAHH in 2009, after suffering a stroke which left her left side heavily paralysed. Rene is a naturally bubbly and effervescent personality and immediately became a regular in the social and recreation department.

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Resident Comments
  • They have made my life amazing again
  • The facilities are incredible and they keep investing
  • The standard of care at QAHH really is excellent
  • Thank you all for making my respite stays such a pleasure to look forward to
  • This was the only place that provided the therapies I needed
  • Social and recreation helps to develop friendships, my confidence and I get to learn new skill
  • I am able to walk with a frame which I couldn’t do when I first arrived
  • I was determined to learn to walk again, and I have
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