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Working in the gaps between healthcare and social services, QAHH offers a range of appropriate solutions for the most needy of our disabled people, many of whom have served this country, with little thought for personal loss or gain.

As we are not a statutory provider, we are able to lead the field, associated with physical and other forms of care for disabled people, free from many of the constraints that beset the public sector today.

Please view the links to your right which detail the services which make up the components of a comprehensive and tailored rehabilitation programme.

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Resident Comments
  • They have made my life amazing again
  • The facilities are incredible and they keep investing
  • The standard of care at QAHH really is excellent
  • Thank you all for making my respite stays such a pleasure to look forward to
  • This was the only place that provided the therapies I needed
  • Social and recreation helps to develop friendships, my confidence and I get to learn new skill
  • I am able to walk with a frame which I couldn’t do when I first arrived
  • I was determined to learn to walk again, and I have
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