There are many ways you can show your support for our disabled veterans. Your support could enable a veteran to become more mobile by funding our physiotherapy programme, or put a smile on our residents’ faces by funding a party in our social and recreation department. Any size donation is greatly appreciated and will help to transform the lives of veterans living with severe disabilities.

£17 will enable a resident to receive vital speech therapy, helping them to learn to speak again after a brain injury. DONATE NOW

Thank you so very much for the huge contribution you have made to Sue’s rehabilitation. Your experience, dedication and attention to detail have all combined… to deliver a level of rehabilitation that I dared not to dream of.” Tony, husband of former resident

£46 will increase a residents’ independence by providing a cookery lesson to help re-learn lost skills and adapt to living with their disability. DONATE NOW

OTs assess and assist in re-educating residents to promote safety and independence within the kitchen, in order to continue doing those everyday activities that may have become difficult, using different adaptions that can make the task easier, which in turn can also boost morale and confidence.” Jane, Occupational Therapist

£57 an hour will fund our physiotherapy department to enable our residents to increase their mobility and independence. DONATE NOW

When I came here I couldn’t walk or move my arms, and I am walking now with a stick and I am starting to use my arms which is absolutely excellent for me.” Scott, former resident

£215 will provide all the arts and crafts materials used in our Social and Recreation department for one month, enabling residents to participate in creative hobbies, improving hand-eye co-ordination, and increasing their sense of achievement and fulfillment. DONATE NOW

Social and recreation helps to develop friendships, my confidence and I get to learn new skills.”Ted, former resident

£500 will provide new and varied experiences and opportunities for social interaction by funding an outing for up to eight residents on our wheelchair accessible coach. We plan an average of two trips per month to a variety of destinations to suit everyone’s tastes. DONATE NOW

A visit to a restaurant will enable residents to practice their powered wheelchair skills, mobility within new environments and communication with unfamiliar people.  By visiting various places, residents may also develop confidence in venturing into new places to increase their social experience.” Bridget, former Head of Occupational Therapy
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Resident Comments
  • They have made my life amazing again
  • The facilities are incredible and they keep investing
  • The standard of care at QAHH really is excellent
  • Thank you all for making my respite stays such a pleasure to look forward to
  • This was the only place that provided the therapies I needed
  • Social and recreation helps to develop friendships, my confidence and I get to learn new skill
  • I am able to walk with a frame which I couldn’t do when I first arrived
  • I was determined to learn to walk again, and I have
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