The excitement of the Olympic Games reaches The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home

July 30, 2012qahhNews

To mark the start of the 2012 Olympic Games, staff and residents at The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home limbered up for an Olympic and Paralympic inspired fun day on Friday 27th July 2012. The day, organised by our Social and Recreational team, aimed to inspire residents and help them feel involved in the iconic event.

Staff patriotically donned red, white and blue to demonstrate their sporting prowess with events including the egg and spoon race, three legged race, speed walking relay, sack race and a walk to the pier and back. Matron officiated the event and residents supported from the side lines, waving flags and encouraging competitors in their desperate plea to win a medal made by our residents.  Festivities ended with an Olympic inspired cake and awards ceremony, where residents Hugh, Chris and 102 year old Harry presented medals to the victors.  Sheila, our volunteer co-ordinator and Mr Paxman, our Chief Executive proved to be our most successful athletes with 3 medals apiece!

Gill Hastings, Social and Recreational therapist commented ‘It was brilliance in action! The Olympic fun day was a fantastic experience for everyone involved. The residents loved it and the staff demonstrated the Olympians have nothing on us!’

At QAHH, we aim to give our ex-Servicemen and women their independence back by improving their mobility through regular physiotherapy sessions and empowering them with new techniques to accomplish everyday living tasks things that most of us take for granted. This event helps residents to feel engaged and socially included in such an iconic event.

See our photo gallery from the day, below.


Walk to the Pier and Back

Gold: Amanda
Silver: Mr Paxman
Bronze: Syriac

Speed walk with a wheelchair
Gold: Sheila and Kevin
Silver: Mr Paxman and Barbara
Bronze: Syriac and David

Obstacle Race
Gold: Andy
Silver: Rakesh
Bronze: Sheila

Three-legged Race

Gold: Andy and Laura
Silver: Graham and Barbara
Bronze: Kevin and Celia

Sack Race
Gold: Richard
Silver: Mr Paxman
Bronze: Graham

Egg and Spoon Race
Gold: Sheila
Silver: Rakesh
Bronze: Andy

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