Working for us is more than just a job

The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home is a very special place to work.  The people who thrive here are those who want to give the best of what they have to others, who love working as part of a team, and who take a real pride in what they do and how they do it.

I’ve always found the environment within QAHH very pleasant and comforting, and this is down to the people who work there. Resident

Our people have a passion for what we’re about

We attract and hire the right people for us.  It’s not just about skills and qualifications, it’s about having a heart and personality that’s great for the people who work and live here.

An attitude of excellence

We believe that achieving excellence is not only possible, it’s a ‘must have’.  We believe that people have a natural desire to excel at what they do, and we aim to help them excel so that we can be recognised as a beacon healthcare provider that others are inspired to follow.

The biggest blessing of all is the efficiency, kindness and friendliness of all the staff. I feel like they are part of my extended family, and that means this Hospital Home is my home.  Resident

Nurturing talent

Everyone has natural talent whether they know it or not.  We aim to help individuals identify and make the most of their own strengths whilst developing the things they need to be better at.  In this way, everyone gets a chance to be good at something.

Our people have a passion for learning

We want our people to learn something new every day.  Learning increases knowledge, knowledge improves skills, skills improve lives.  Literally.

Making every day count

Our people help others make every day meaningful.  Our people are encouraged to think creatively and to spend quality time with the people they care for. That means that at the start of each day our people need to have a renewed sense of motivation and vigour.  We aim to give our people a supportive team environment so they can give the best of their energy to the people we care for. 

The staff are the best thing; they are so caring and nice. Resident

What we can offer to you

  • A great team environment
  • A competitive salary
  • Regular learning and development opportunities
  • Free death in service benefit
  • Contributory workplace pension scheme
  • A bright and modern working environment
  • Coffee lounge, staff dining room and rest room with TV
  • Generously subsidised staff meals
  • Free parking
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Resident Comments
  • They have made my life amazing again
  • The facilities are incredible and they keep investing
  • The standard of care at QAHH really is excellent
  • Thank you all for making my respite stays such a pleasure to look forward to
  • This was the only place that provided the therapies I needed
  • Social and recreation helps to develop friendships, my confidence and I get to learn new skill
  • I am able to walk with a frame which I couldn’t do when I first arrived
  • I was determined to learn to walk again, and I have
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